Getting the correct railcar on the proper track at the precise time

Terminal Switching Services is a subsidiary of RMS that provides FRA certified switching services throughout the United States.

Switching is a complex operation involving many people, facilities, and vehicles in a narrow time frame. TSS expertise can be your key to unlocking more profit. Ship your products safely and meet your commitments consistently. Whether your business is small or large, we have the resources that can handle it.

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TSS understands and conforms to the requirements of our customers and our work processes with the most efficient methods in our industry. Adherence to FRA regulations hold us to a high standard and ensures high quality service. Our commitment to quality is also one of our key business strategies. It is aimed at always strengthening our ability to satisfy customer requirements, to continually improve operations and our administrative functions. At TSS, quality is not a program, it is an ongoing process.


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Training & Testing

TSS has a structured training program taught in our Switching Academy that consists of classroom, hands-on training, and multiple evaluations. TSS believes an employee needs to be trained with “good” habits from the start to ensure a safe working environment.

Our company has established a detailed auditing program utilizing the SafeTrack system to identify and monitor safety trends and continually educate our managers and supervisors.

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We have observed tremendous growth, change and competition in our industry. This brings sharp focus on our number one challenge and goal: to have the highest safe production standards in the industry. It is our first priority in every department to provide the necessary resources for our operations to handle more equipment and services than anyone else. Our use of the SafeTrack system plays a key role in ensuring that we maintain a safe workplace while working toward our safe production standards.



We have developed long term relationships with customers, partners, port authorities, our labor force and the entire railroad community. We strive to deal with everyone who comes into contact with our company with fairness, respect, integrity and honesty. We cooperate to solve industry problems and enjoy the mutual respect and credibility of those in our industry and communities.


If you are interested in finding out more about our company and the services we can provide for you, please follow the link to our contact page