Headquartered in Seattle, Rail Management Services is the parent company of several organizations providing services in different aspects of the logistics industry.


Pacific Rail Services

Pacific Trailer Repair Services

Rail Terminal Services

Terminal Switching Services

United Intermodal Services

PRS Auto


"Pacific Rail Services was founded in 1985. Over the past 32 years, Rail Management Services has grown into one of the largest suppliers of intermodal ramp services in the United States handling over 8 million lifts per year. Today Pacific Rail Services, Pacific Trailer Repair Services, Rail Terminal Services, Terminal Switching Services and PRS Auto employ over 1,800 people devoted exclusively to this business. Rail Management Services maintains over 100 intermodal lift devices including 20 cranes and over 800 hostling tractors, provides trailer/container/chassis repairs and all intermodal administrative services including gate inspections, container yard management and switching services." 


John Gray, President


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